Weekly Health Roundup – May 12-16

We cover all the corners of health in this week’s Weekly Health Roundup!

Today is Going to be Awesome

Mental and emotional health is one corner of the overall health triangle that is often ignored or forgotten completely in our culture. In reality, it is an essential part of our total health and the way we see and experience the world. Mental/Emotional health, especially through positivity leads “to greater joy, fulfillment, and happiness (and just as important, help[s] eliminate or reduce negative thinking, which reduces unhappiness),” says Examiner’s Jimmy DeMesa. From reducing negative thoughts to promoting positive thoughts, he offers 10 simple tips to develop a “positive thinking” habit. Take one tip per week and watch your outlook change.

Attention tech nerds! This is the article for you. Natasha Baker of Reuters has investigated music apps for runners that track your pace and match the music to your step counts. “The app uses the device’s sensors to detect the runner’s steps per minute and then automatically adjusts the music’s beats per minute to match the step count,” writes Baker. Makers of apps like DjRun (Android), RockMyRun and TempoRun (iPhone) claim that this system not only increases motivation but also increase enjoyment of the sport, leading to better, more sustained exercise plans.

For transformational fitness this season, don’t be afraid to push yourself harder. You always have more in you than you think you do. “The truth is, you need to be constantly improving your fitness level, most trainers say. That means cranking up the speed, adding one more rep, and pushing past your comfort zone,” says FitSugar’s Leta Shy. Just be sure that while you’re pushing your body during some workouts, you strike a balance with moderate and easy workouts as well. Trainer Michelle Bridge says its best to “schedule six workouts per week, making sure that three of them are intense, two moderate, and one easy.” Your body will thank you.

What are the best words to hear when talking about cooking at home? CHEAP and HEALTHY. The Greatist has come to the meal rescue.  Each recipe in their list of 400+ Healthy Recipes (That Won’t Break the Bank), “requires eight of fewer ingredients and takes less than 20 minutes to prep.” They cover it all, heart breakfasts, nutrient-packed lunches and dinners, lighter snacks and sides, and even a few indulgent (and still healthy) sweet treats. Chefs, start your ovens!

Do you get intimidated by the pictures of human pretzels that are the yoga pros? Does the simple thought of clearing your mind of all thoughts to meditate send your mind reeling in every direction imaginable? These assumptions of what yoga is or “should be” deter many people from the practice. However, Greatist’s Taylor Wells says the most important part of yoga is to show up and breathe. “I believe that emotional, mental, and spiritual flexibility are virtuous and life-enhancing, and when it comes to yoga practice, paramount,” Wells says.  It’s about setting an intention and analyzing your reaction to changes. “Think of it as a journey, not a judgment of yourself,” Wells continues. He also offers 6 easy steps to let yoga practice saturate your life and improve your days.