Superfood Series: Fitness Foods

Not only is it important to have your workout plan and technique down, but your diet is also an integral part of your ability to work out and jump start your energy and fitness. Protein and carbs are essential for providing the energy and power you need to have a stellar workout and push yourself to your limits. Load your day up with the following foods and fluids to help bolster your exercise regimen.

Pasta with meat sauce: The perfect mix of protein and carbs to repair old muscle and help build new.

Pork tenderloin (for men) or dark-meat poultry (for women): Get not only your protein, but also a strong dose of iron, zinc, and B vitamins.

Salmon: With omega-3 fatty acids and monosaturated fats, salmon is not only heart-healthy, but could be linked to waist trimming benefits.

Tomato soup: Tomatoes have a whole host of beneficial nutrients, from fiber to vitamins to antioxidants. And sipping your soup contributes to your daily hydration.


Fresh fruit: Especially pineapple, papaya, and berries which are packed with vitamin C and antioxidants to help protect muscles.

Whole grain cereal: Great snack to take down right before going to the gym because it’s packed with complex carbs and muscle building protein that will help you work out with more sustained energy.

Eggs: In just one little egg, you get healthy fat, vitamin A and B12, and antioxidant lutein, for an energy boost and extra brain power. Most of these are found in the yoke, so don’t skip out on that part.

Hummus: Complex carbs, healthy fat and protein make this almost the perfect snack to enjoy with fresh veggies or whole grain pita chips.

Low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt: Especially when mixed with fresh fruit, this provides a healthy balance of good carbs, healthy fats, and even protein.

Snack/Trail mix: This is the perfect opportunity to create the perfect salty, sweet, and energy boosting mix. Toss peanuts, dried cranberries, dark chocolate chips and a whole grain cereal together for absolute snacking bliss.


Chocolate milk: Go way beyond calcium with extra vitamins and minerals for hydration and muscle repair.

Green tea: Not only is it s metabolism booster, but also, recent research has shown that guzzling down a few cups a day may help muscle recovery.

Cold water: Research shows that drinking chilled water (rather than lukewarm or room temperature) before and during exercise helps the reduce core body temperature which can improve endurance.

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