Specific Performance Enhancement Center


The exercise and strength training component of the Specific Performance Enhancement Center (SPEC) provides training for beginner to advanced, novice to athlete. Our personal, hands on approach teaches the basics to beginners and advanced techniques to athletes, to help everyone reach their fitness goals.

We focus on creating well rounded individuals with a thorough understanding of basic barbell exercises. For beginners, this often entails increasing basic mobility, creating body awareness, and learning technique. For advanced individuals or athletes, we pin point weak areas, improve technique, and offer advanced programming to ensure continual progress.NolanSuccess

We utilize a wide array of tools, including:
• Olympic and specialty barbells
• Chains
• Jump stretch bands
• Dumbbells
• Kettle bells
• And more

We emphasize metcon style conditioning work with battle ropes, airdyne, prowler sprints, and our Concept II rower.

DMH Employees
Decatur Memorial Hospital Employees must first complete an introductory class on the basics of exercise and gym safety. Foundations is a month-long program and includes a one-time fee of $50. This class meets once a week at the SPEC and teaches our approach to fitness, health, and weight loss. Qualified SPEC trainers assess each employee, develop a training program, and teach proper form and technique. Once the class has been completed, employees will receive a FREE gym membership.

General Fitness Members
The SPEC also provides gym memberships for community members interested in weight loss, improved strength and conditioning, and increased athletic performance. Standard memberships and personal training are available.

High School Athletes
Working with DMH Sports Enhancement, the SPEC trains young athletes to achieve their full potential while avoiding injury. Athletes work with a trainer to learn proper form and insure strength and conditioning progression throughout their athletic career.


Turf Track
The SPEC features a 35 yard indoor turf track. This allows us to promote conditioning year round, utilizing exercises such as farmer’s carry, prowler sprints, and tire flips, as well as sprints and agility drills.

Specialty Equipment
Our expert trainers at the SPEC know firsthand the difference quality equipment makes. That’s why you’ll find high end equipment from EliteFTS and Rogue Fitness, as well as items that other local gyms don’t have:HansbroSuccess
• Reverse hyperextension machine,
• Swiss (neutral grip) barbell,
• Safety Squat Barbell,
• Prowler sled,
• Strongman style log bar,
• Hammer Strength Row machine, and much more.

Body Composition and Metabolism
We are equipped to test both body composition (percentage of lean body mass and body fat) and BMR, or basal metabolic rate. Pricing listed below.
• BMR Metabolic Testing – $50
• Body Composition Testing – $30

Our therapeutic pool is kept at approximately 92 degrees Fahrenheit, and is excellent for those rehabbing injuries.

Dietary Services
The SPEC also offers a variety of nutrition and diabetes support. If you or someone you know is interested in losing weight, or needs help managing their diabetes, please contact us for more details regarding our programs.

General Info and Pricing
Gym Membership – $50 per month, sold in three month increments. Personal training also available. Visit http://www.dmhcares.com/services/wellness/ for more information.