Weekly Health Roundup: April 14 – 18

To keep you updated on the latest and greatest in healthy lifestyle and medical news, we present the Healthy Central Illinois Weekly Roundup – a collection of articles, recipes and tips to keep you on your way the a healthier you!

Now that we’re finally seeing the sun, many avid and beginning exercisers are starting the great seasonal debate: Cardio inside or outside? Of course, there are major advocates on both sides of the line, but this article from the New York Times Well Blog may help sway people who are still on the fence…or in the doorway. By comparing 2 of the most popular forms of exercise, walking vs. elliptical training, Well aims to inform cardio beginners and pros on key aspects of similarity and difference from muscle activation to calorie burn.

Spring Cleaning the house may be on everyone’s to-do list (or honey-do list) now that spring has sprung, but what about Spring Cleaning your overall health? Maybe you’re preparing for a trip to the beach this summer. Or perhaps you need a little reminder of that New Year’s Resolution that you’ve already started breaking. Whatever the case, the writers at Pop Sugar have gathered a list of simple habits you can start today to make you feel healthier, physically and mentally.

Beans, lentils and peas usually get a bad rap. However, a new study shows that they contain more health benefits that may surprise you. Not only are legumes rich in protein, but eating just one serving a day may help eliminate LDL, or bad cholesterol, and lower your risk of heart disease. So, jump start your healthier diet with these legume recipes.

From the mid-morning hunger pangs to the 2:30 p.m. slump, sustaining energy throughout the workday can be difficult. Many people turn to candy, chips and energy drinks only to find they feel more terrible after eating them than before. Snacking is essential to boost brain power and productivity, but you have to snack right to get you through. Try these 10 health-conscious snacks at work to fuel your body with nutrition and combat unhealthy cravings.

While living forever may not currently be possible, there are dozens of ways to help you live longer. One 15-year Australian study further reinforces the suggestion that exercise can lengthen your life. Researchers found that those who exercised least had about twice the risk of heart disease as those who exercised moderately and six times the risk of those who exercised vigorously. This NYT article shouldn’t be an excuse to ignore other risk factors, of course, but increasing physical activity can be a key factoring in lowering your risk.

Whether you’re looking to conquer a new paleo recipe or just hoping to spice up taco night, NerdFitness has the perfect recipe to kick off your weekend. Noel Fernando’s Paleo Tacos are easy, flexible and even includes a recipe for homemade guac! They make it even easier with step-by-step pics and printable grocery list.

Talking to Premature Babies Could Boost Their Development


A new study has discovered that adults talking to premature babies while they’re being treated in the NICU could indicate better development. Families of 36 medically stable but premature babies (between 32 and 36 weeks) participated in the study. Monitors were used to record the exposure to background noise and talking for each baby and tests on development were conducted at 32 weeks, 36 weeks, 7 months, and 18 months.

Previous research has shown that babies born early have a greater risk of language problems. Overall, the results of this latest study have shown researches that more exposure to adult talk in the NICU led to higher language and thinking skills in the developmental tests. Larger and more rigorous studies are being conducted to confirm these results.

So spread the love. Soothing talking and gentle touching can improve a baby’s development whether premature or full-term and throughout childhood.

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