In Your 20’s

As we mature, each decade of a woman’s life is filled with
opportunities for us to assess our overall health and ensure
we are thriving in all areas – body, mind and spirit.

For your best health in your 20’s:

Every day, be:

  • • Physically active
  • • Nutritionally smart
  • • In-the-know about preventative screenings

• Baseline mole and overall skin exam – once
every three years by a physician
• Practice monthly self-exam of all moles

• Monthly self breast exams

• Baseline cholesterol panel – total, LDL, HDL
and triglycerides
• Blood pressure – at least annually

• Annual internal exam with Pap test
(including STD screening)
• Human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV) – up to age 26

Eyes, Ears and Teeth
• Baseline vision
• Baseline hearing
• Semiannual dental visits for exam and cleaning

• Tetanus once every ten years
• Meningococcal vaccine – discuss with healthcare
provider if attending college
• Influenza – yearly

• Diabetes check – fasting blood glucose

*Young women in their 20s are at an increased risk for rape and abuse
in dating situations or, friendship/acquaintance relationships. Report any
type of abuse to a healthcare provider.